Our Master Plan approach has developed over decades of residential design experience. The plan guarantees a comprehensive, reliable, and effective blueprint to guide any interior design project. 

For most, the frustrations experienced while setting up a home are often rooted in impulsive decisions. This short-sighted method is called "spot decorating" and inevitably leads to costly mistakes & loss of valuable time.

Our goal is simple: to shape an interior that is a living, three-dimensional portrait indicative of our clients their interests and desired way of living.  Past clients remark how our holistic approach to designing a home does more than enrich their life - it sets a new standard of domesticity & encourages them to share their home with others.

The Master Plan is a comprehensive tool that:

  1. orchestrates all details of the design,

  2. eliminates the guess work & stress of pulling it all together,

  3. provides a clear vision & guide of the space's fullest potential.

The infusion of our innate creativity, artistry, and resources allows us to curate places our clients are eager to come home to - where each room is expressive and the entire composition of rooms silently tells the story evocative of who dwells within.

The Master Plan identifies all components necessary to create a harmonious, thoughtful interior so it can be delivered on time and on budget. With a reasonable & realistic budget and a generous amount of trust, our skills and resourcefulness are unmatched.

We begin with an initial meeting that is a "listening tour" to diagnose the space, discover our client's desires and observe their individual tastes. This is your opportunity to share with us your likes and dislikes, to present images that capture your eye, and define a comfortable budget.

Next a rigorous evaluation of your architecture and existing furnishings occurs. This informs how we must tailored each room to be functional and express the essence of our clients' wishes and personality which requires a 3-4 week period of time for the plan to reach maturation.

This culminates with presentation of the Master Plan - complete with visual images and drawings of all items listed below - to fully convey our vision for the space to the client.

Once presented, clients can use their custom Master Plan on their own without further assistance OR employ our firm to execute the installation to skip the stress and get enjoy the end result - a drop dead gorgeous interior.

What the Master Plan entails:

-Initial Photographic Documentation

-Scale Floor Plan of Each Room

-Furniture Placement

-Critical Items to purchased for each room

-Plan for Painting and/or Wall Coverings (includes large painted boards of all colors to be used)

-Proposed Window Treatments

-Flooring / Rugs / Carpeting Selections

-Lighting Plan

-Cabinetry and Hardware Specification

-Plumbing Hardware Specification

-Storage Solutions

-Suggestions for Art & Accessories 

Master Plan Cost:

-Minimum plan will be at least 4 rooms and the cost is $4500.

-A non-refundable Half Deposit will be required to initiate project with the balance is due upon presentation of Master Plan to the client in approximately 3-4 weeks.

Rules of Engagement:

-All Samples presented (except Paint Boards) are proprietary to McLaughlin & Cie.

-Designers reserve right to refuse design projects that do not meet established minimum requirements, such as a four room minimum. 

-After the presentation, clients can opt to implement the plan themselves OR rely on our expertise & resourcefulness of our design firm to bring the plan to life in relatively short order.

Design Implementation by McLaughlin & Cie:

-All purchases required to execute the design will be made by and billed through McLaughlin & Cie.

-Upon receiving down payment of 75% of the established budget, a delivery/install date will be established.  We work on a fast track and through many excellent resources are able to purchase and deliver the completed 4-6 rooms in a 4-6 week time frame from date of installation deposit.

-Designers will begin to purchase items in good faith and in the best interest of our client and all item will be received & stored in a storage space until installation (cost billed to client).

-When all items have been purchased, fabricated, reupholstered, and assembled, the installation will occur.

-Clients may choose to directly employ a Carpenter/General Contractor/Painting Contractor to execute related work, however all contractors must work in tandem with our designers for guaranteed results.

-All carpentry, painting, etc. must be completed prior to beginning the installation.

-All aspects of each room will be installed under supervision of designers to guarantee proper realization of vision presented:

-furniture placed

-logistical arrangements 

-all drapery and upholstery to be sourced through Designer workrooms

-installation of Drapery, Wallpaper, Flooring are fully monitored 

-all Art, Accessories, & Plants are purchased and placed

-all Bookshelves and Surfaces are artfully styled

-Depending on size of the project, 48 to 96 Hours will be required to complete the installation. The client will vacate the property during the installation period.

-The complete design is executed with one-of-a-kind items added, artwork hung, live plants and/or flowers arranged - styled and ready to welcome your first house guests!

-This "reveal" allows the client to see the fully realized vision so they can see how beautiful and personal their home can be. It demonstrates where to place flowers when entertaining and how to present their rooms to guests.

-No detail is left undone - all sensory elements are addressed to envelop the interior.

Installation Pricing:

-Upon client's acceptance of the Master Plan, a down payment of 75% of the agreed overall budget is required to so our firm may begin ordering and amassing all components of the design for the installation. Each week clients will receive an invoice stating purchases so they are up to date on project progress and budget.

-Once project purchases exceed the 75% down payment, draws will then be requested weekly towards remaining 25% of budget. Note: These remaining funds are vital to executing the project in full, s any client delay to provide the funds will subsequently compromise and delay the installation date.

-Designer Hourly Fee is $125 per hour during project preparation, installation & any focused consultation needed during the project period.

-All Project Purchases will be made by McLaughlin & Cie for the client are billed at 30% over Designer Cost.

-Does not include sales tax.

           -Does not include Freight/Shipping costs.

           -Does not include Contractor or Sub-Contactors Installation Fees (Drapery/Wallpaper Installers, Electrician, Movers, Carpenters, Painters, etc.)

-An estimate for art, accessories, additional lighting, etc. will be provided to the client before installation begins.