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Matthew Grant McLaughlin

Matthew McLaughlin has been part of Charleston's design community since 2002, but his path to the design & retail worlds began as a young boy exploring, buying and learning at antique fairs & auction houses while following the footsteps & passion of his parents. 

At 14 he began working alongside Cheryl McLaughlin and Berta Phibbs at their interior design studio & retail store in his hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina building his design acumen, learning materials, and developping an eye for classic beauty & style. 

His aesthetic choices are rooted traditionalism because by their very nature strong, traditional designs trancend trends - this sentiment only deepened with his move to iconic Charleston, SC in 1998 where the past is seamlessly linked to the present.   He finds logic in anchoring interiors with patinated woods and classic silhouettes to underscore a room's timelessness while injecting unexpected, energetic modern details to create a continuous design language for modern day context & lifestyles.

"Walking my first steps in Charleston I felt the city's rich, undeniable charm and I knew I could have a hand in propelling this city's alluring, distinct style forward."

Over the past 20 years I've been continuous inspired by Charleston's creative minds, architecture building, interiors, and objects

Completing studies at the College of Charleston in Art History, French and International Business at the College of Charleston, he founded The Botanical Butler, a floral design company that enlivened homes, hotels and parties throughout Charleston.  He then joined the American College of Building Arts during its formative years creating international partnerships, securing funding, and mounting their Inaugural Masters of the Building Arts Festival on Marion Square.

The design world called him back in 2006 and for over 6 years he enjoyed working at Circa Lighting helping design-savvy customers and designers from across the country to develop smart, coheasive lighting plans with excellent results by incorporating fixtures created by leading American tastemakers & manufacturers.

His living room design for the 2011 Charleston Symphony Showhouse spotlighted Circa's lighting and was pivotal in introducing his ability to harmonize grand & humble elements for a regional sophistication tempered for 21st century lifestyles. Striking a balance of ornament, color, and noble materials he curates rooms to have undeniable structure, tone and style.

He has also worked with local retailers, such as The Hidden Countship, to design and merchandise their unique retail spaces & offerings. 

You can now find him among the ever-changing & inspiring array of furniture, art, lighting, and decorative objects ready to enrich your interiors at WELL FURNISHED located at 34 Windermere Boulevard Charleston, SC 29407!